The Institute for Gender Research(IGR) is a center for research in Seoul National University(SNU). The mission or IGR is to conduct research and Theoretical study on various gender-related subjects, and we are trying to embrace natural sciences as well as social sciences. The Interdisciplinary Program in Gender Studies(IPGS), one of the graduate courses, is our sister institute. Professors of various departments of SNU administer cooperatively both IGR and IPGS. The most remarkable character of IGR is that we can easily combine researchers and resources and collaborate accordingly, which is also the character of gender studies itself as interdisciplinary studies. 

The most important direction of research of IGR is to found gender studies on the Korea social conditions and history. According to the basic direction, IGR has conducted research projects in various gender-related areas including national policy, labor market, and family. At the same time, IGR has focused on collecting materials on Korean women's historical experiences including that of Japanese army's comfort women. IGR also has published the results as IGR Books and working paper series.

IGR has tried to contribute for development of gender studies in SNU by way of education as well as research. IGR collaborates with IPGS on classes in various ways, and develops students' research skills by letting them participate research projects. IGR also has tried to spread gender studies in SNU by developing curriculums of gender studies and holding colloquia and conferences with experts in various areas.

From now on, IGR will arrange these activities and researches fruitfully according to ever changing national/international situations and trends of gender studies. We are eagerly waiting for advise and participation of those who concerns IGR.

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